The space you provide your team will mean the difference between successful business growth or failure to grow due to fully attainable space for your valuable team. Any business office will need to understand the value of an effective space and needs to know the signs when your business and team is outgrowing your office.


Teams need space to work and if your team is on top of each other at their own desks, it’s most definitely time to move to a bigger office space. Conversations should be somewhat muted for other team members, especially with larger teams.

This can also go beyond just crowded working desks. The crowded factor can play into kitchens, conference rooms, and even technology making their way into spaces they don’t belong. All factors that play into your business outgrowing your office.


Parking is vital for any business. Not only do your employees need to have easy, stress-free parking every single day, but your important clients, when they come to visit your offices, should have the same delightful experience with parking.

Parking is a major cause of potentially outgrowing your office, with many costs behind parking in large downtown areas as well as the unpredictable factor that street parking brings.


When you start to see a dip in employee and team happiness, it’s time to wake up and listen to the feedback and challenges your team is having. People are after all, the most important part of your business. You want to see your people challenge themselves, grow your business, and deliver results that you want to see. They can’t deliver this in an uncomfortable and unhappy environment.

When your team starts to see the cause of from outgrowing your office, it’s time to look for bigger and better spaces to move your business.


We’re moving into the digital age, yet many offices are still having issues with increasing complications in storage needs. Physical storage of documents, paper, and other supplies are becoming less and less effective. It’s time to make the switch to digital storage and software that can grow your business even further, without even having to address the issue of physical space in your office for your storage problem.

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