Manners and etiquette are often some of the last elements to consider in an office environment – but it shouldn’t be. Office manners are not only complimenting to your culture but can define what it means for your team to be happily productive.

Office manners should matter to you not only because it defines how you succeed in life and in your career, but you should also care deeply about the success of those around you.

Measuring Disturbance

Cutting out all forms of disturbance for your team is likely impossible. Disturbance can even be a welcomed effect on productivity and getting work done effectively. Instead of cutting it out, it should be measured. From phones, laptops, and instant messaging it can be easy to make those interruptions. After all, everyone is just an instant message away on practically every device, whether they’re at their desk or not.

When you focus on measuring disturbance it allows for all disturbances to be thought out in terms of relevancy, instead of random bouts throughout the day. With this measurement, all interactions are more effective and valuable.

Time Management

While not the first manner most would consider, it’s the manner that may have the most reflect on work and others. Time is one of those things none of us can control, pause, or gain more of. It’s up to you to a take stand and manage your time effectively. Working for someone in the office doesn’t mean acting busy, it means getting work done every one of those hours and working effectively for your time and those others around you.

Collaborate Effectively

Whether you’re working in an agency, company, or consulting firm it is expected you will be working with other people. It’s up to you to have your office manners reflect the way you work with those people.

Collaborating effectively means that you are friendly, responsible, considerate, can communicate abundantly, and countless other possibilities depending on the work you are performing.

Dress Code Conduct

The dress code of a company should be as clear as their own position at the company is to team member. Dress office manners go beyond just those working with you. Dress code is what brings the company together, maintains a culture positive attitude, is well representing for a company and their customers.

Whether the dress code is business casual or requires a business suit, it’s up to you to respect yourself, your team, and your company to follow the dress code accordingly.

What you need to remember when dealing with office manners is that you’re working with people just like you. Share what you learn, learn from your co-workers, and work hard. Work hard on your own projects, work hard with others, and your company.

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