Gone are the days of employees being happily content working in a somewhat drab and dense mess of cubicles and white space. An office renaissance is happening. The office is now expected to be a place that simply overflows with creativity, sounds of collaboration, and the energetic culture of the company’s visions.

What does it mean for the office?

People don’t want to work in a boring office waiting until the end of the day when their shift ends. Meet the office renaissance. Collaborative, motivating, and forward thinking office spaces are wiping away those former ways of design. Businesses are beginning to take notice, and are realizing both the benefits to their business, their employees, clients, and general satisfaction.

The former traditional office decreases motivation and it prevents productive collaboration. It’s even unhealthy. This means spaces that are fully integrated with the culture and moving force of an office without an disruptions, yet adding a large amount productivity to the mix.

If you’re looking how you can join the office renaissance, we have some inspiration and detail for you in every space in the office!

 Office RenaissanceSocial Spaces

Social spaces is the collaborative part of the office renaissance. It’s where teams come together to work, discuss, and play when the time is right. This is a great compliment to your office culture and the general feel you want to portray to not only your employees but your customers and outside visitors.

Instead of an empty space just wasted away, these social spaces take over and brighten up social activity. With specific themes or colors of company branding, they take on forms of lounge areas with couches, collaborative tables for getting work done, and relaxing areas to just get away from the desk for lower level work at the end of the day.

 Office RenaissanceFocus Spaces

This is the space where individual workers turn to when they need to buckle down and finish a project to a large degree of focus and persistence. This where ergonomics should play a big role. The health and comfort of an employee while also being a place where work is catered is what the space is centered around.

Essentially, it’s taking the cubicle and kicking it to the curb. This is a whole new focus space for getting work done.

 Office RenaissanceCollaboration Spaces

This is often mixed to the tone and space of social spaces. Social activity fuels collaboration, and can define the outcome of meeting goals. The collaboration space is the piece of social activity where work gets done together in a team environment that is also away from their average desks.

These can be large open spaces with round tables, nooks for more private working with others, and even a mix of lounge style furniture for a more relaxed collaboration. This thinking of separated spaces that just as well work together and create a more motivated state of thinking is what the office renaissance is all about.

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