Ellen Berkowitz, Principal

What do you enjoy most about working at Arbee Associates?

Working with my family and everyone else at Arbee Associates. It’s an extended family for me. I am fascinated by everyone else’s  strengths –  how designers see things, how Installers can fix things, and so forth. I also love working with customers to create fun and exciting spaces.

What has been your favorite project or most memorable client experience?

Most recently it would be Federal Home Loan Bank of NY. It was the most challenging project of my career. The bid was a monster, but we all came together to complete it and we WON! I was told that we weren’t the lowest cost provider either, but they loved our team. I also really enjoyed working with their design firm. In the end, the customer is very happy.

If you could switch your job with anyone else at Arbee Associates, whose job would you want? Why?

I’d  be a designer because they can see in a different dimension.

Do you pile or file at work? Explain.

Pile. Pile. And Pile again. And maybe a few more piles.

Name (3) words to describe you.

Dedicated, Transparent, Witty

What is your favorite lunchtime meal during the work week?

Tuna made with light mayo.

What is one movie, music cd or book that inspires you to do great things?

The Red Tent  by Anita Diamant

What is the one thing that you most want clients to know about working with you and Arbee Associates?

That we always do the right thing and that we always have their backs. Our goal is a partnership, and to make their job easier, not to sell them something and be gone.