An office runs on effective organization. That’s why creative storage solutions can turn any office into a well-functioning environment. The right mix of equipment and furniture makes for an elegant space with ample storage. Without this, productivity suffers and employee morale goes down.

Design is Important to Productivity

Good design is about more than attractive surroundings. The professional environment directly affects productivity. It is said that form follows function, and this is exactly what you need to keep in mind when designing for a business setting. Different employees have different needs. The right design caters to these needs while making the most of your available space.

Storage Solutions Maximize Your Square Footage

The right office equipment offers both storage and extra functionality. This streamlines day-to-day activities and creates the perfect setting for increased productivity. We offer a number of creative products that will maximize your space. Our wide array of storage solutions will help you find exactly what you need to get organized, improve morale, and give your productivity a boost! We offer the following solutions for your space:

Lateral Files and Pedestals

Our selection of lateral files and pedestals is the best place to start if you need organization, comfort, and style. We offer a number of products designed to integrate seamlessly into your space while providing functionality that goes beyond organization. For example, our Exponents Benches by Coalesse offer a cushioned seat with easily accessible storage in the base of the bench. This is a perfect solution for meeting areas and quiet corners.

Bookcases and Cabinets

You can never have enough storage cabinets and bookcases, but they can take up a lot of space. We have a range of products that provide organization without compromising on square footage. Our Campfire Mobile Cabinet by Turnstone can be easily tucked aside or moved between workstations. It’s a perfect way to store equipment and files that are needed by multiple departments.

You can also use short bookcases to break up different workstations, creating a makeshift half-wall that provides extra shelves and top-storage. Depot, also by Turnstone, makes for a perfect workstation separator. It holds up to 200lbs and features top-level storage that lifts up on a 180 degree swivel. This means you can use it for general supplies or personal items.


Our Tower storage solutions are designed with one thing in mind: organization equipment should be about more than organization. Aesthetic, functionality, and the ability to collaborate within the space are all important.

Our universal storage products and towers are designed to meet all of these needs. The Denizen Storage Tower and Wardrobe offers attractive shelf-storage in a variety of finishes while doubling as a place to keep extra clothing. Our Universal Storage offers a multitude of solutions for every type of office, combining Steelcase storage equipment with other products to create the optimal workspace.

Bins and Shelves

Our bins and shelves are more than a place to put your binders. The Duo by Steelcase stores binders and spare items while providing room for coffee cups and other small personal items. It also promotes effective collaboration, ensuring your employees are working at their best without spilling their beverages.

We Can Help Design Your Perfect Office

If you need expert storage solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can help you in every step of the process, from design to installation. You can request a quote for specific products from our website, or have our in-house design staff create your perfect office.