Are you constantly searching the office for an outlet for your laptop? Does your employee lounge feel like a cafeteria? If so, you might need to take your office design to the next level. So, bust out your color swatches because it’s time to perk up those dreary walls and give your employees something new to smile about.

Use Rich Textures and a Good Color Pallette

Something as simple as office design improves everything from productivity to morale. Rich colors and textures in your design reflect well on your corporate culture and and employee performance. If you want to create a drastic change at minimal cost, repaint your walls and resurface some furniture.

Using a variety of surface materials adds little pops of color to the furniture in your space. Consider reupholstering chairs and couches to better blend with your aesthetic, especially if they show signs of wear and tear. Combine this with painted accent walls to really boost your design. If you’re not the best at color-coordinating, consider working with a design consultant to choose the right color-scheme for your space.

Plan Your Office Design with Technology in Mind

The modern workplace is increasingly technological. The smart office is just that: a smart office. Integrating technology into your office design prepares you for the future, and it streamlines your employee’s work habits. Monitor how your employees move through the office and note where they need a tech-boost to keep the focus on work.

Tools such as Media:Scape and our Virtual Puck systems are great ways to make mini-collaboration corner. Use these to set up small areas of the office where people from different departments can meet without taking up the conference room.

Reduce noise in these spaces with a sound-masking system. This way, you can set up a little collaboration corner in any part of the office without worrying about noise.

Keep it Looking Good with Yearly Maintenance

Keep your office design looking new with yearly maintenance. People move in and out of your space all day, Monday through Friday. General wear and tear is going to happen. With regular upkeep, you don’t have to stress every time an employee spills coffee on that new couch.

Since you’re doing yearly maintenance, you can refresh your space every year. Business happens at the speed of technology these days. Yearly design maintenance is an excellent opportunity to make sure you’re keeping up with the demands of modern business.

Design for Excellence

Your office design is the face of your company, and your presentation matters. Not only to your employees, but to your clients as well. Good design will streamline your workflow and show clients that you can keep up with current industry demands. Remember, good design happens when your space is both beautiful and usable.

If you’re ready to take your design to the next level, contact us today. Our designers will help you create the perfect space for you specific industry needs.