For many people, happiness is something that needs to be worked at rather than something that is a given. This is especially true if you are an employee. A recent Gallup survey found that 60 percent of American workers were unhappy with their current jobs. While we may not all be in our dream jobs, it’s important that we practice positive habits in order to be happy in our current workplace.

Many psychologists believe that the majority of happiness is in our control. If you’re looking to find happiness at your job, check out these 7 habits of happy employees and take control today.

1. Happy Employees Create Worthwhile Goals

If you set in place clear goals for your career and future, it’s easier to dismiss the little irritants of everyday office life. Whenever you’re having a down day at work, you can remind yourself of why you’re there and what you’re striving for. Creating a vision board that outlines your goals and inspirations will help you visualize them on a daily basis and become a happy employee in no time. 

2. They Put Their All Into Everything They Do

Happy employees are ones that put their all into every task and project they’re assigned. Whether it’s something as simple as filing papers or an important project you’re in charge of, giving your work 100 percent of your effort can lead to greater happiness. Pushing yourself to do your best on every task no matter how small or how many people notice it will make you feel better about yourself, give your work purpose, and create great habits for future success.

3. They Learn to Let Things Go

Happiness at the workplace has a lot to do with navigating office hierarchies and learning to work with people in a social and professional setting. All of this can be a lot easier if you learn to let the small things go. If you’re particularly bothered by a coworker who does something annoying, think to yourself how much that matters in the long run. By letting small things like annoying habits or disagreements with your boss go you will be a much happier employee overall.

4. Helping Others is the Key

Research done at the University of Wisconsin-Madison concluded that those who reached out to help others were happier than those who didn’t. Helping people in need can include anything from getting your office involved in a community service project to helping out a stressed coworker. Helping others shows compassion and gives you a warm feeling inside because you know you are doing something selfless for the greater good.

5. Practice Gratitude on a Daily Basis

The last habit of happy employees is practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Making gratitude an integral part of your everyday life can help you appreciate the small things. Try giving out your gratitude freely in the office by saying thank you when people do small tasks for you and letting your co-workers know how much you appreciate them.

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