Office Furniture Rental
We are able to provide office furniture solutions with limited notice, and will coordinate the terms, delivery, and retrieval of the office furniture after it is no longer required. Many customers find that by taking advantage of our office furniture rental program, they are able to satisfy short-term requirements for facilitating seminars, training programs, and rapid departmental growth.

Office furniture rental may also be a helpful option to exercise when transitioning employees prior to the arrival of new and permanent furnishings. Regardless of the size and scope of your short-term needs, Arbee will develop an office furniture rental solution that works best for you and your organization.

Office Furniture Leasing
Office furniture leasing is a practical and convenient way to finance office furnishings and related services. In fact, office furniture leasing has become the preferred method of financing furniture acquisitions for many of our customers. Arbee Associates offers attractive office furniture leasing solutions primarily through Steelcase Financial Services, the only captive finance company in the office furniture industry.

Advantages of office furniture leasing include conserving capital, protecting lines of credit, off-balance-sheet financing, tax benefits, fixed-rate financing, product affordability, and flexibility. Each organization has needs unique to the way it does business.

At Arbee, we work with our customers and office furniture leasing partners to devise agreements that best support those financial objectives.