Outlined below are critical updates regarding Arbee Associates’ actions and operating status as we manage the continuously evolving impacts of COVID-19:

  •  Operating Status
    • Arbee Associates is open and operational. A large portion of our workforce is working remotely from home.
    • Our offices in Maryland and New Jersey are closed in accordance with state mandates and government orders that all non-essential businesses close their physical locations.
  • Customer Service, Quotation, and Design Support
    • Customer service, design, and quotation activities continue as usual for all customers.
  • Delivery, Installation, and Warehousing and Logistics
    • Delivery, installation, and warehouse work is active for customers classified by the government as “essential businesses and organizations”.
    • These classifications vary from state to state and we are complying with all state and local mandates.
  • Partner and Manufacturer Status
    • Each manufacturer is impacted differently based on the location of their manufacturing and distribution operations.
    • We will work with each client and manufacturer on a case-by-case basis

Given the fluidity and constantly changing nature of this situation, continuous communication is important and will ensure that the most up-to-date information is communicated, with appropriate action taken.  PLEASE keep in touch with us regarding your operating status and any questions that you may have.

We continue to work tirelessly in support of our clients and partners, our mission and vision, and the health and wellbeing of our employees and communities.

Stay safe, healthy, and stay positive.  We are here for you.


Nancy Berkowitz, President and CEO, nberkowitz@arbee.net

Vinny Marron, CFO, vmarron@arbee.net

Chris Hanes, COO, chanes@arbee.net