Naomi Schiff Jirari, Account Executive

What do you enjoy most about working in this industry?  

I have always loved interior design, color theory, and architecture, even as a child. I chased my dream and landed on a career path where I can practice design and engage with my clients, daily. I also love working for a woman-owned company. REPRESENT!

where do you get your best work done?  

I can work pretty much anywhere. I’m flexible, but I do my BEST work under pressure and with a great support team for backup.

name 3 words to describe you.  

Trustworthy, Personable, and Comical. Tell me a bad joke and I’ll still laugh and think it’s funny.

what is a fun fact about you not related to work?  

I fall asleep about 20 minutes into any movie but can watch marathon long hours of bad reality TV. Who doesn’t love 90 Day Fiancé?!

name one thing you can’t live without and why?  

I won’t be cliché and say my family (although it’s true), but I really can’t live without hair dye and my hair stylist. I am not myself without my bouncy, blonde curls!

What is the one thing that you most want clients teams to know about working with you and Arbee Associates?   

I love getting to know my clients from the very beginning, and in turn, for them to get to know me. It is important to make the experience a personable one, and by gaining trust and confidence in each other, we both feel comfortable and enjoy the process of working together. It makes for a great team!