Introducing Samantha Haugh, Vice President of Client Engagement

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Samantha Haugh to the Arbee Associates leadership team as Vice President of Client Engagement. Samantha will lead our teams focused on the Architecture and Design community, the Corporate Real Estate Community, and Brand and Marketing. Additionally, Samantha will oversee an important initiative at Arbee Associates to enhance the journey and experience through a project for all stakeholders that interact with our organization. As the needs of our clients and the types of products and services that we provide continues to evolve, so too will the need for us to continuously evaluate and enhance our process, people, and the tools we leverage to facilitate the journey.

“Arbee Associates has always been focused on providing best of class products and services in a way that exceeds our customers’ expectations. As our clients’ requirements evolve, and become more complex, our offerings need to expand, and our processes become more rigorous. We are thrilled that Samantha has joined our team as she is uniquely qualified to help ensure our success in these all important areas.”

– Nancy Berkowitz, President and Chief Executive Officer

Samantha’s previous experience will bring immediate value to her team and our clients. Samantha has spent the past 6 years supporting the architecture and design community as a Workplace Consultant for Steelcase within the Baltimore and Washington DC markets. Prior to her time at Steelcase, Samantha worked as an interior designer at RTKL (now CallisonRTKL) in Baltimore.

“The addition of this role within Arbee Associates underscores their enduring commitment in the pursuit of an exceptional experience throughout the process. I am honored to be joining the team in this capacity and looking forward to reimagining our collective approach to redefine client engagement and success within the everchanging landscape of our industry.”

– Samantha Haugh, Vice President of Client Engagement

Arbee Associates provides furniture, technology, and interior architecture products and services focused on creating innovative solutions for work, learning and healing environments to support the achievement of greater results and inspire human performance.