For decades, the workplace has been a consistent space filled with cubicles, fluorescent lighting, 40 hour weeks, and not a whole lot of fun. In just the past couple of years since more and more millennials have been seeping into the workforce, offices have begun to see a change in design and culture. Below are some of the innovative ways millennials are redefining what it means to work in an office in 2017. You can incorporate some of these ideas into your own office for a happier and more productive team!

The Office

Millennials are interested in comfort and wellbeing in the workplace. This has lead to an increase in open air designs for office spaces that incorporate more natural elements. Offices now have large break rooms and comfy sofas for a community feel. They also incorporate natural light, modern architecture and ergonomic workspaces so employees can feel just at home at work.

While office design has undoubtedly undergone a major facelift since the millennials have hit the job market, another office trend has been on the incline—the no office trend. Thanks to modern technology and tools that make collaboration and communication a breeze, millennials are seeing the benefits of working remotely. Over 14 million US workers now work remotely, a 41% increase in the last decade alone.

New Ways of Communicating

With the rise and ease of access to newer and better technologies, millennials are beginning to redefine how co-workers communicate. With easy to use chatting and instant messaging tools, it’s easy for employees to be in constant touch with one another. Because of this, the need for long, in-person meetings is little to non-existent. Millennials are all about time efficiency and streamlining old process. In terms of communicating in the office, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Mobile devices make chatting on the go simpler, and video screen sharing tools make collaborating and idea sharing a breeze.

An Emphasis on Collaboration

With offices being designed with collaboration in mind, and technology making it easier to communicate, it’s no wonder millennials are interested in collaborating with their co workers. Collaborating brings employees together and creates the community feel that millennials crave. The modern workplace is one where meaningful relationships can be created, and a group of people can come together to collectively get things done.

A Desire to Care More

The younger generation wants to work for companies that are honest and transparent with them. They are bringing a strong moral compass with them into the workplace, and care deeply about what their companies are doing to help the world. This goes for both a global business scale and a smaller scale in the office. Having a clear company mission and goals of how you’re going to better society is attractive to millennials. So is incorporating things like sustainability and wellness into the office on a daily level. Millennials are employees who will stick up for what they believe in. A modern workplace is one that now focuses on topics like mental and physical well being, the environment, and humanitarian work.

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