In today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to find a good work-life balance. Work can be stressful sometimes, and we can often feel like we’re leading two separate lives. There’s the work you who is productive and efficient, and then there’s the other you who is fun-going and relaxed. The only problem is that more often than not the work you gets in the way and takes over your entire life. It’s important to remember that while work is important, it isn’t everything. There’s a fine balance to be had between work and the rest of life. With a good work-life balance, you can really have it all.

Below are ways that you can easily find the perfect work-life balance between the office and fun.

A Good Work Life Balance Involves Creating Goals

When you set goals both in your personal and professional lives, you can have a clearer understanding of what tasks to take on and which to say no to. A decent work-life balance can leave you with more free time to do the things you enjoy. By only taking on the tasks that work towards these goals, you save a lot of time and stress not worrying about things that don’t matter in the long run. Create milestones for yourself, both long-term and short-term. For example, a milestone in your personal life can be training for a marathon. This way when other activities come up, you can turn them down to stay focused on your goal and not be stressed out about not having enough time.

FOCUS ON YOUR HOME Life for a Good Work Life Balance

Stress from home can leak over to your work life and cause you to perform poorly at your job. It’s important to leave your home problems at home when you walk through the office door. We all know that that’s much easier said than done. A better solution is to spend more time focusing on your home life. Take the opposite advice into mind, and leave all of your work problems at work when you walk through your front door. Try not to make the focus of every conversation with your family about your job, and spend some quality time with them instead.

USE YOUR VACATION TIME to Achieve a work life balance

Workers in the US are only using 77% of their time off every year. That’s a whopping 33% that is going to waste. Those who do use all their vacation time often report feeling even more stressed out when they come back. This is mostly because there are not systems in place to take over employee’s work when they’re gone, and companies are often too cheap to hire someone else to do it or pay another employee extra to take it over. It’s important that you take a few days to yourself throughout the year and at least one vacation away to rejuvenate and relax. Talk with your employer before you leave to take care of work you’ll be missing when you’re gone.

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